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Integrations   ·   User guide   ·   Blog   ·   Pre-order

Zapier – Shopify Integration

👉 Receiving notifications from Zapier to your Gumball is easy. Simply follow the steps below. For more details about how connection works, you can also check out our connecting apps page.

Step 1: Choose a trigger app and event

For example, a “new order” on “Shopify”.

Step 2: Choose “webhook” as the action

Choose “POST” for the webhook event.

Step 3: Specify your Gumball ping URL

In the “Set up action”, specify your own Gumball ping URL in the URL field. You can set the payload field to “Raw”.

Make sure to replace “gumball_xxxxxx” with yours.

🎉 That’s it, just test and save, you’re all set up!