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Personalizing your sound

 Gumball has built-in speakers, so you can assign sounds to specific notifications. Choose from 15 pre-defined sounds, or add your own via the included SD card. Handy to distinguish notifications or to give you that extra boost of motivation with your special sound.

Playing a specific sound

Sound can be specified for each notification by using the “action” parameter in the ping URL. The action “track_x”  will  play a specific track. The example below will play 12.mp3 from Gumball’s microSD card:

Playing a random sound

Use the action “track_random_x-xx” to play a random track. The example below will play a random audio track out of the following audio tracks: 7,8,9,10.mp3

Playing a silent track

By default, the action track_0 is a silent track. This is handy if you want to have your Gumball turn on, rotating light only, without any sound.

Changing the audio volume

Use the action volume_x to change the volume. The minimum is 0 (silent) and the maximum is 20. The default is 12.

Adding your own custom sound

Your Gumball comes already loaded with 15 cool audio tracks. But we know everyone has their little ‘special’ sound they like 🎵! So we made it possible to add custom tracks! All you have to do is load some mp3 files on the Gumball’s microSD card:

  • ⚠️ Unplug your Gumball!!
  • Open your Gumball by removing the cover lens.
  • Slide the microSD card holder outward, then flip it vertically.
  • Remove the microSD card
  • From a computer, load your mp3 files on the microSD (use the provided SD card adaptor)
  • Make sure the audio track names are numbers only, for example: 4.mp3, 18.mp3, etc…
  • Re-insert the microSD card inside your Gumball, put the lens back on, re-plug it. Done!

Audio considerations

  • File types accepted: .mp3
  • Best result with shorter tracks (~10sec or so). Audacity is a great free tool if you want to trim or edit an audio file.
  • File naming convention: use numbers only. For example:
    • 1.mp3
    • 2.mp3
    • ….
    • 44.mp3
    • 45.mp3

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