Celebrate your wins in style 🤘

Gumball is a nifty rotating beacon light that turns on and plays a sound when you receive the notifications of your choice. New sale? New Sign-up? New alert? Let the excitement spread all around!

A real-life mechanical notification device


Spark some excitement

Gumball brings the fun back to notifications. Forget boring email or slack notifications. Seeing real world mechanical notifications bring the excitment to a whole other level.

Add personality to your place

Whether for a home, office, shop… Gumball looks original and fun! People all around will be amazed by this cool retro looking mechanical device! Spread the joy and motivates the troops!

Add multiple notifications

You can set up unlimited notifications with the same Gumball. So if you want to connect it to different apps, it’s no problemo! Oh, and there are no subscriptions or accounts to create either.

Add your own sound

Gumball can play up to 15 different audio tracks. Handy to distinguish notifications, or to give you that extra boost of motivation with your special sound.

Connect it to any app

As long as it’s online, you’re good to go. Gumball uses webhooks to turn it on. Most popular apps make it easy and free to create, and if not, you can always use connectors like IFTTT or Zapier, or even code if you’re that type of nerd.

Celebrate together across places

Is your team spread across different places? Seeing multiple Gumballs turn on at the same time in different places makes your team feel connected in a way digital notifications can’t offer!

It feels good. It looks good 😍

Made by makers, for makers 🔥

Gumball explained in 60 sec!

How it works – we made it easy! 🤓

What the Gumball is made of? ✨ 

That scene from the Ghostbusters movie perfectly encapsulates the idea behind the Gumball