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Gumball – Gumroad Integration

👉 Receiving notifications from Gumroad to your Gumball is easy. Simply follow the steps below. For more details about how connection works, you can also check out our connecting apps page.

Gumraod offers multiple ways to send webhooks. One way is to use Gumroad “Ping” (simple), another way is to use Gumroad “API Resource Subscription” (complex).

Using Gumroad “Ping”

Gumroad Ping is a simple alert that notifies you in real-time whenever one of your products is purchased. The process to set this up is super fast and simple:

  1. Log into your Gumroad account
  2. Go to “Settings > Advanced” (
  3. In the “Ping” field, enter your Gumball webhook URL
  4. Done! Every time you make a new sale on Gumroad it’ll turn on your Gumball

Using Gumroad “API Resource Subscription”

The Gumroad OAuth API is based around REST. Gumroad returns JSON for every request, including errors.

To start using the API, you’ll need to register your OAuth application. Note: The Verify License API endpoint does not require an OAuth application.

After creating an application, you’ll be given a unique application id and application secret.

From there you’ll be able to send a POST request to your unique Gumball webhook URL for the events that you want.