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Integrations   ·   User guide   ·   Blog   ·   Pre-order

Bring the fun back to notifications! 🤘

Gumball is a nifty mechanical light that turns on when you receive the notifications of your choice. New sale? New Sign-up? New alert? Let’s feel the excitement!

When fun meets functionality ✨

Connect to virtually anything

Shopify, Paypal, Stripe, Hubspot, Webflow… as long as it’s online, you’re good to! Gumball uses “webhooks” to turn on, and most apps make it very east to set up in just a click! You can also use connectors like Zapier, or even use your on code if you’re that type of nerd. 

Customize with your own music 

Gumball has built-in speakers, so you can assign sounds to specific notifications. Choose from 15 pre-defined sounds, or add your own via the included SD card. Handy to distinguish notifications or to give you that extra boost of motivation with your special sound.

Decorate and motivate

Whether at the office, home, shop… Gumball looks original and fun. People all around will be amazed by this cool retro looking mechanical device. Spread the joy and motivates the troops!

It feels good. It looks good 😍

What can I use Gumball with? 

Gumball allows you to receive any notification you want in any way you want.  Here are a few examples!

New order received
User joined waitlist
Website is down
Feedback form submitted
Garage door opened
Twitch donation received
Welcome email sent
User payment failed
Github issue created
Reddit mention received
New NFT minted
Stream starting

How Gumball works 🤓

1 - Connect to WiFi

Plug your Gumball to your power outlet. Use your phone or computer to connect it to your WiFi network.

2 - Connect Apps

Create “webhooks” in your chosen apps, then link it to your Gumball unique ID. See our quick get started guide.

3 - Add your sound

Upload your .mp3 files to the internal micro SD card. Then chose what .mp3 to play for each notification.

Check our full user guide 

That scene from the Ghostbusters movie perfectly encapsulates the idea behind the Gumball

What is Gumball made of? ✨ 

The hype is real! ✨ 

Production starts in








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