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Celebrate your wins in style 🤘

Gumball brings the fun back to notifications: every time you make a new sale, it turns on and spreads excitement all around!

It feels good. It looks good 😍

Bring the fun back to notifications! 🤓

Multi-platforms ready

Gumball currently works with Shopify, WooCommerce, Gumroad, Paypal, Stripe, Zapier (more coming soon). You can also set up unlimited notifications with the same Gumball, so if you want to connect it to different apps, it’s no problemo! Oh, and there are no subscriptions or accounts to create either.

Customize with your own music 

Choose from 15 kickass predefined audio sounds, or add your own tracks. You can do this from your phone or computer. Handy to distinguish notifications, or to give you that extra boost of motivation with your special sound.

Open-Sourced hardware & software

Our mission is to make notifications fun again. That’s why we open-source the design of Gumball, both hardware and software (for personal use). Build your own or extend ours!

How Gumball works 🤓

1 - Connect to WiFi

Plug your Gumball to your power outlet. Use your phone or computer to connect it to your WiFi network.

2 - Connect Apps

Create a webhook in your chosen apps, then link it to your Gumball unique ID. See the list of supported apps.

3 - Add your sound

Upload your .mp3 files to the internal micro SD card. Then chose what .mp3 to play for each notification.
Check our full user guide

That scene from the Ghostbusters movie perfectly encapsulates the idea behind the Gumball

What is Gumball made of? ✨ 

Production starts in








Limited beta launch – $169 $119 (39/100 remaining)

We’re launching our first batch  Gumballs to production this spring. We’e going to produce 100 of them. As our part of our limited beta program you can get your Gumball at the reduced price of $119 (max 3 per orders). 

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